Games and Projects

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The Priestess Comic

Priestess is my current lovechild — a buddy-criminal tragedy in a modern fantasy setting. In the wake of a foreboding prophecy, Dr. Max Castillo is dragged by his havoc-wreaking friend Melica into constructing a ritual to protect her ex-girlfriend Kirinen. But Meli’s determination often does more harm than good, and Max is too willing to give up too much for the ones he loves.

Priestess will be launching independently in August 2020. It is currently in the scripting and concepting phase.

We’re Off to Slay the Wizard

I designed and produced this! Created in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2019, We’re Off to Slay the Wizard pokes fun at the one downside of playing your favorite game multiple times: You still have to do the tutorial. And the tutorial wizard isn’t nearly as helpful the second time. Or the third. Or the fourth. Or the fifth… Wouldn’t you take him down if you had a chance?

You can view credits and play the game HERE!

Luna Leporidae

For AIE’s first Alphabet Jam, I took the mantle of a designer and programmer in a two-person team. Luna Leporidae is a jackalope’s journey through heavily populated skies to the moon, seeking to befriend the rabbit that lives there. I intend to release it on the Google Play app store sometime later this summer.

You can view credits and download the game on!

2D Art and Graphics

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Personal Portraits

A few photos and preferences is all it takes to capture the essence of you or a loved one, whether you’re giving a gift or capturing a memory!



The essence of wonder is imagination - not just what is, but the possibility of what could be. These brave heroes and nasty villains have untold stories etched across their surfaces!


Graphic Design

Personal branding is critical, and I’m always ready to create a unique and memorable logo or card custom made for you or your small business.