Game Concepts

My favorite thing about concept art isn’t what’s in the frame, but rather, what isn’t. Every piece has a story behind it that viewers are rarely if ever graced with, but the pull on them is strong even without additional context. We want to go there, to learn what happened, to solve the mystery, to explore the fantastic realm. My work aspires to that ideal, of adventures we wish we were going on.

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caravan paintover 00.png

How about another one? This is a caravan for Veiled River that I really painted for fun more than anything.

I am dead serious when I say paintovers are the ultimate love of my artistic life. It’s amazingly satisfying to take a 3D render and enrich it with detail, texture, and life, all from a fascinating but demonstrative angle.

paintover pre painting.png

This one is for a personal project of mine, a game for my little brother.

caravan paintover.png

I frequently take real-world images and paint them into fantastic landscapes, adding and removing elements as I see fit. These are based on China’s Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve and Alaska’s Mendenhall Glacier, respectively. Pines and frozen manta ray are artistic license!

vault of forget.png

Variations on an ocean-and-stone theme.

D22W3C4UkAAS-GH.jpg large.jpg