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Knyght Lyght Logo

For Kevin Farrow’s Twitch streaming channel.

Mooncry Productions Logo

For Jorden Stone, fellow student at AIE.

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full card.png


A card made for Alex Gray, with a full rendering of an SR-71 being smithed.

wagner arcade card 2.png
wagner arcade card 1.png

Wagner Arcade FIREPOWER Cards

This is probably one of the most enjoyable jobs I’ve ever gotten. My friend Andy Wagner commissioned these cards to go inside an antique pinball machine and replace the old, faded instruction cards. The ship on the side was hand-drawn by me, based on two similar ships on the pinball machine’s art.

Luminous Monolith Business Cards

These are in their second iteration. If you’re here, you’ve probably seen them before!


Steller Secondary Graduating Class Hoodie

You know what feels super cool? Owning a piece of clothing with a design you made.

The symbolism of this piece is rich: The bird is our school’s mascot, the Steller Jay, as it appears on the floor of the gym. It rises from the mountains visible from the school’s windows, to crest the moon and go higher still. The latin phrase underneath translates to “To the stars, through adversity” - a powerful phrase for an ambitious class graduating into an uncertain world. To date this is one of my favorite designs I’ve done.